15 Pictures That Will Make You Raise Your Eyebrows

Even those with the finest vision and limitless mental capacity will struggle to comprehend the significance of these visual puzzles. As a result, scroll down to see some images that will work your eyes a little bit.

Toilet is surprised to see me.

My knee storing the soul

Nobody controls air traffic quite like Mr. Outlet.

Got so flexible it bent into the fourth dimension.

Two cats eating from the same dish

A band-aid at the bottom of my drink

Lady of the corn

This scanner looks like XLR8 from Ben 10.

Today, I was surprised by a whale floating on one side of my kitchen sink.

Where’s the acorn?

Bean looks like she’s walking, but she’s lying down.

Seeing tree

Sausage fingers

A polar bear’s face

Guy with an extra pair of legs

Written by Matt

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