15+ Workers Who Definitely Need to Explain Things to Their Supervisors

Some workers are renowned for their diligence and commitment, and then there are those who appear to act in the complete opposite manner. We often wonder how irresponsible employees were even hired because of how poorly they perform their duties. Having said that, let’s look at some of the most ridiculous workplace spectacular flops.

Quick pole fix

The Toe Stubber 3000 at my local gym

Added the headline text, boss!

Good old Ondon


I guess this reindeer will have to be hung upside down


This clearly manually operated tap is apparently automatic, and now I feel tricked twice.

They gave us appreciation gifts at work today

My kid got a matching game for a gift

When you lie on your resume but still get the job

It’s a pharmacy. They have another much more gentle ramp in the back of this building for delivery.

The irony is strong.

Yeah, that’s a bad location for that.

The bathroom floor at a hotel I’m staying in…

So why are people parking there?

Laid the tarmac at the traffic cone, boss.

Improvise, adapt, overcome.

Making sure the globe looks right? Not my job.

Rail’s installed, boss!

Written by Matt

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