16 People Who Refused To Do Their Job Right

Mistakes happen everywhere because people aren’t perfect and they can often make mistakes or make the wrong choice. But some errors are very difficult to justify because they seem to have been carefully thought out. That’s when we tend to wonder how anyone could be so careless about the consequences.

“I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with no tomato. I only had tomato.”

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“I bought a chocolate milk but they forgot to add chocolate I guess?”

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Uh… anything can cut pizza…

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I always play by the rules

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Pretend that light bulb has been changed

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 The more balconies, the better

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Looks safe, right?

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We’ll call this one, ‘The Supreme Owner

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The perfect garage

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 Looks like these cables won’t be functional for very long…

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 My eyes…

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The ramp will work, but we’re not sure about the door

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These gutters look perfectly functional

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“It would be a good idea to install a ramp for people in wheelchairs

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We installed your new storage cabinet

A bike path where you can become one with nature

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Written by Matt

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