7 places in the house where you can hide money: thieves won’t check them

Many people think it’s convenient and secure to store valuables in their home. However, it can happen that a thief enters their home and steals their most precious possessions. To help you keep your belongings safe from thieves, here are the 7 most unlikely places you can hide your money at home.

The 7 places where you can hide money at home

To avoid accidentally losing a large sum of money that you wanted to keep at home, certain hiding places are to be preferred in case criminals break into your house  :

Hide the money in the freezer 

The freezer can be your hiding place to conceal your savings. Just put them in a plastic bag and place the bag in the bottom of the freezer.

Hide money behind your furniture

Furniture is also a good hiding place for your money. All you have to do is slip your banknotes behind a piece of furniture and then secure them with tape. If you are building a new piece of furniture, you can place a piece of plywood to prepare a secret hiding place. No one will guess that your money is hiding inside.

Hide the money behind a painting

If you have pictures hanging on the wall, you can stick an envelope with money behind these wall decorations. There’s very little chance anyone will notice your secret stash.

Hide the money in the garden

You can create an untraceable hiding place by hiding the money in a jar that you bury in the garden. You can also bury your jewelry and other valuables there.

Hide money in wall tiles

Wall tiles can also be used to hide your money. Hide your cash  behind the wall tiles in your kitchen  or bathroom to keep it safe from thieves.

 Hide the money in a rug

The carpet is also a good way to hide your money. Take a fabric and try to sew it under the carpet to make a liner and hide your money in this liner.

 Hide money in your closet drawers

Your cabinet drawers can become a great hiding place for your money. Put your money in an envelope that you can tape to the bottom of the drawer. You can also put your savings in an old sock.

Written by Matt

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