A 27-year-old woman claims to only take a shower twice a week: controversy erupts

On the subject of personal hygiene and the number of showers one should or should not take during the week, the debate is raging. There are no right or wrong answers, of course, only those related to a bit of common sense and self-care. Not bathing for several days can be unpleasant for oneself and others, even if it is a personal choice that everyone can make in their daily routine. In the summer, the need to shower is much more pressing, while in winter, one can easily limit showers during the week. However, the young woman in this story has divided internet users after claiming that she only showers twice a week.

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Allison McCarthy has sparked a debate with her statements that she may not have anticipated. The 27-year-old woman from Boston declared that she only showers twice a week, a number that has perplexed many internet users. Allison wasn’t even aware of being “out of touch” on this matter, stating, “I recently discovered that apparently, I’m a disgusting person.” Unlike most people who shower daily but wash their hair twice a week, Allison has the habit of showering and washing her hair simultaneously only two days a week.

“If I take a shower, I wash my hair,” she explained. “Why should I take a shower and not wash my hair? But the fact is, I don’t want to wash my hair every day,” concluded the young woman. At this point, someone should remind Allison about the existence of shower caps, precisely to avoid getting her hair wet too often and unnecessarily, especially if it’s long.

TikTok / abmccarthy5757

Some people agree with Allison’s approach, especially if they don’t need to leave their homes often. They say, “If I’m not going out, you can be sure I don’t shower every day.” However, many others did not welcome the young woman’s statements. They commented, “You shouldn’t be posting this kind of information about yourself,” and also expressed sadness at the number of people in the comments who admit to not showering regularly.

Personal hygiene is indeed a personal matter, although most people agree that it is important to shower daily, especially after engaging in physical activities like sports. What do you think? Do you believe that showering twice a week is too infrequent, or do you relate to this girl’s routine?


Written by Matt

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