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A 5-year-old boy invites Ed Sheeran to his birthday, the singer gives him the most beautiful surprise

In the United States, a 5-year-old fan of Ed Sheeran didn’t hesitate to invite the star to his birthday. On the other hand, the singer had a wonderful surprise in store for him.

Ren is a 5-year-old American boy who idolizes Ed Sheeran. He even decided to invite the singer to his birthday party.

Recently, Ren celebrated his sixth birthday and had asked his mother, Alexandra Lamoreaux, to organize an “Ed Sheeran” themed party with a water slide and cupcakes featuring the pop star’s likeness.

Alexandra Lamoreaux / TikTok

But that’s not all! Ren was convinced that the “Shape of You” singer would attend his party and even gift him a microphone. Little did he know that the superstar had planned his own surprise.

Not expecting to hear from the singer, Alexandra designed creative invitations in the form of concert tickets with a photo of Ed Sheeran performing on stage.

Quickly, many internet users rushed to tag the British star in the comments section to alert him of Ren’s birthday wish. One thing is for sure: this mobilization bore fruit.

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Ed Sheeran gives a gift to his fan.

Indeed, Ren received the most beautiful gift from his idol, as shown in a video posted on Alexandra’s TikTok page. In the footage, we see the young boy opening a huge blue package with the label that reads, “To Ren, from Ed.”


@alex.lamx Replying to @Jen Ren’s reaction to his birthday present from @Ed Sheeran This has got to be one of the best experiences of our entire lives! My mama heart has been bursting with joy and gratitude. Sorry for the annoying mom voice😬 but i was just so freaking excited for Ren I couldn’t help it!! You know Ren is genuinely happy when he goes kind of quiet like this, I love him so much. And obviously Tuck gets loud 😂😬 Will never be able to express my gratitude to every single person that made this happen for him🤟🏻🤟🏻 #edsheeran #edsheeranrecoveryy #edsheerantour #edsheeranbirthdayparty #edsheeranlive #kidsbirthday #kidsbirthdayparty #momlife #sahm #birthday #birthdaypartyplanning #surprise #partyplanning #summerparty #waterparty #kidsparty #birthdaypartytheme #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #edsheeranconcert #celebrity #partyplanningtips #feelgoodmoments ♬ original sound – Alexandra Lamoreaux 🖤

This peculiar package was, in fact, a surprise gift sent by Ed Sheeran himself! The package included a t-shirt, a signed CD, a toy, a microphone, and a guitar. The pop star also sent him an adorable letter:

“Ren, sorry I couldn’t make it to your birthday party, I hope it was fantastic. Here’s a notepad and a guitar so you can start writing songs like me,” wrote the musician.

Alexandra Lamoreaux / TikTok

Not surprisingly, the post quickly went viral. In total, the video garnered 8.6 million views, thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments.

“My mom heart exploded with joy and gratitude (…) I will never be able to express my gratitude to each person who made this happen for him,” Alexandra stated on the social media platform.

As for the internet users, they thanked the singer for his gesture: “I’ve been waiting for this for a week. Thank you, @Ed Sheeran, for being a good guy,” “Thank you so much, @Ed Sheeran, for changing this child’s life,” “This is adorable! I was waiting for his reaction, and I’m glad he received this gift from @Ed Sheeran. Happy birthday Ren!” These are just a few of the many reactions expressing appreciation and joy for Ed Sheeran’s thoughtful gesture.

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