A 92-year-old woman ignores people’s opinions and wears colorful clothes: ‘I have always been a rebel

At 92 years old, she still manages to stay young and stylish! This is the story of Baddie Winkle, who has won over millions of internet users around the world. By posting photos and videos of her extravagant style on her Instagram page, she spreads a good dose of free and transgressive energy to the new generation. The website NPR took the time to interview her about her surprising story.

Helen Ruth Van Winkle is certainly not the typical grandma who enjoys knitting socks on her rocking chair. Today, this cool grandmother is a real star who proudly shows off her colorful looks! One thing is for sure, when she had the idea to launch her blog on social media, this woman never imagined she would receive so many likes. Without further ado, discover the story of this extraordinary influencer…

I have always been rebellious in my life.

With her wardrobe full of unique pieces, Baddie turns heads… Yes, it was indeed the nonagenarian who wore a stunning nude bodysuit to the “MTV Video Music Awards” in 2016! At 88 years old, she authored “Baddiwinkle’s Guide to Life,” where she told her inspiring story.

“Let’s take a photo, grandma!”

Before becoming famous, the 92-year-old grandmother led a simple life in Waco, Kentucky. During the interview, she recounts that she spent 15 years alone taking care of her small farm and doing all the gardening tasks. But one day, her grandson decided to take a picture of her when he saw her wearing ripped shorts and a tie-dye shirt. “Let’s take a photo, grandma, you look terribly cute today!” Quickly, this photo became viral on social media. That day, people could see “a great-grandmother who didn’t care what people thought of her,” says Baddie to the journalists of Today, the woman is praised for her courage and a bit of craziness on social media. She still keeps her joy for life and her irresistible smiles!

According to Baddie Winkle, the key to a happy life is to “just enjoy every day, no matter what happens, and don’t take any notice of people who try to bring you down.”

Baddie Winkle’s philosophy on the key to a happy life was captured by the website during an interview about her book and life story. Her response was quite moving: “Just smile at people all the time, even if you pass them on the street, go to church and say your prayers, and always be kind to your neighbor…”. Through her testimony, Baddie Winkle invites us all to seize life to the fullest. According to the elderly woman, the most important thing is to be content with oneself and not pay attention to the judgments and opinions of others.

As you can see, living a happy life is not as complicated as it seems! It just takes detaching from what’s happening outside and dedicating more time and energy to creating positive interactions and experiences. Baddie Winkle’s authentic testimony proves once again that with a little bit of freedom and rebellion, it is easier to live a happy and fulfilling life! All it takes is to joyfully adapt to what life gives us and keep smiling!

Written by Matt

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