A bride on TikTok sparked mixed reactions when she proposed the idea of turning her grandmother’s wedding dress into a two-piece outfit for her rehearsal

The internet is deeply divided over a woman’s decision to cut up her grandmother’s third generation wedding dress to make a rehearsal outfit. While some found it endearing, others found it quite appalling. You can watch the video below:

@brittanyltibbs3rd generation wedding dress turned into a rehersal dress🤍✨

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@brittanyltibbs, a user on TikTok, gained popularity on the platform by posting a video of her grandmother’s reaction to wearing a modified version of her original wedding dress. Through the before and after pictures, the viewers witnessed the transformation of the dress into a stylish co-ord that Brittany wore at her rehearsal dinner. The caption of the post stated that it was a third-generation wedding dress repurposed as a rehearsal dress. In the brief video, the TikToker can be seen walking into the wedding venue wearing an elegant ivory lace two-piece with puff-sleeves.

Brittany approaches her grandmother in the heartwarming video, causing the elderly woman to exclaim, “Oh my god… no way,” in amazement. The emotional moment concludes with the grandmother embracing her granddaughter tightly. Later in the footage, the audience is shown what the original dress looked like on the nan, complete with long sleeves, scoop neckline, and a short veil that reached her shoulders. Brittany also shares images of her mother wearing the dress, which underwent a few modifications, such as the addition of puff sleeves and a more flattering sweetheart neckline, making it look slightly different from the previous version.

The video left some viewers in complete disbelief, with one person expressing their disappointment by saying, “I wouldn’t have cut it into 2 pieces. You can modify it to fit the current style but then the next generation won’t have a dress to wear.” Another person commented, “The alteration is stunning, but I would be hesitant to make such modifications to a dress that has been passed down for three generations.” A third individual shared their own experience, saying, “This is why I am unable to wear my mother’s dress since my sister completely took it apart and altered it to the point where it doesn’t fit me anymore.”

On the other hand, some found the moment heartwarming, with one person commenting, “This is so heartwarming. Additionally, the dress looks beautiful on everyone.” Another viewer shared their perspective, stating, “Realistically, if it’s a third-generation dress, I wouldn’t mind it being cut since fashion evolves. I would just be happy to see it continue in the family!” A third person was moved to tears, writing, “I am in tears.”

Written by Matt

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