A father leaves a very direct note in his daughter’s lunchbox for her teachers

A father of three children described the measures he took to prevent his daughter’s teachers from dictating what she should eat while at school.

Angered by the way school staff was handling lunchtime with his daughter, Ross Hunt, owner of Teddy Eva Scents, posted on TikTok that he had enough of the situation.

He added that he had slipped a note into his daughter’s lunch box to try to discourage the teachers from regulating her eating habits, as they always demanded that she eat her vegetables and sandwich before her sweet snacks.

The father wrote the following message: “Welcome to Isabelle’s lunch box! We are aware of the contents of this box and are happy for Isabelle to eat what she wants.”

He claims to have printed a second label, but his girlfriend was not satisfied with it. On the other label, it read: “Stay away from the lunch box, you sneaky bandit.”

The father stated that a school lunch lady began dictating what his daughter was allowed to eat, which frustrated him. He claimed that his daughter no longer wants to bring her lunch to school due to the constant harassment.

He said, “She can eat the chocolate cake that the school gives her, but if I put one in her lunch box, she’s told she can’t eat it.”

Despite the temptation to fill his daughter’s lunch box with treats, he included a sandwich, carrot sticks, an apple, a pear, a small bag of chips, a pack of candy, and a chocolate egg.

“We need to stop telling young people what they should eat and avoid; let the parents handle it,” he said.

Many online users praised the father’s initiative and shared their own stories of school staff trying to dictate what students eat from their own lunch box.

One user said, “I work in a school and often face this argument. I would rather a child eat and be satisfied than have a lot of healthy food and not eat.”

Another person stated, “My son and daughter are picky eaters because the school constantly tells them what’s bad.”

Another commentator wrote, “I worked in a school that served cakes, but we had to confiscate a chocolate bar from a child’s lunch box because it wasn’t allowed. To be honest, it’s ridiculous.”

Written by Matt

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