A Generous Owner Offers His House to an Elderly Person Who Rented It for 20 Years

We all dream of having a home of our own in one way or another. No one wants to continue living by paying rent forever, along with other responsibilities. It feels like struggling day by day just to survive. Of course, this is not always the case for everyone. Some people have no choice but to make do with what is accessible to make ends meet. But if you’re lucky, certain individuals will enter your life to rescue you from your torment. That’s exactly what happened to 75-year-old Jane Sayner after a man completely changed her life forever.

Sayner, a cancer survivor, underwent surgery for colon cancer in December 2021. The idea of working until she was 80 or the possibility of being evicted from her apartment if she couldn’t afford rent anymore always troubled her. It’s understandable because she would be turning 80 in a few years, and considering her condition, it would be impossible to accept a job that wouldn’t worsen her situation.

To her great surprise, Perrett included her name in his final will and testament, offering her the apartment, which has now become her permanent residence.

Perrett spent his final days in a retirement home after suffering multiple falls before his death. He had also undergone a kidney transplant 30 years prior to his passing. This is likely the reason why he decided to donate $18.6 million to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

According to A Current Affair, Perrett was a pharmacist who actively participated in various community activities. He also had no wife or children. Perhaps Perrett deemed Mrs. Sayner a good tenant who consistently paid her dues on time, which is why he chose to offer her the housing.

“I always paid the rent on time. He was a very strict businessman. He had a lot of stocks and properties,” she shared with Daily Mail Australia.

For Sayner, it was not just an apartment. She always took care of it and made it even more beautiful than it was before her arrival.

“I treated this place as if it were my own. When I came here, there was no backyard garden. As I lived here, I planted many plants and flowers, which are still here today,” she recounted.

But it seems that Perrett somehow signaled during his lifetime that he still intended to pass on the apartment to Sayner, as the late businessman had already transferred the rest of the properties, except for the last one.

“And when it came to the point where he couldn’t do it anymore, he put all the other units, except this one, in the hands of agents,” she shared.

Written by Matt

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