A grandmother, aged 83, is separating from her 37-year-old husband after two years of marriage

A grandmother, aged 83, is separating from her 37-year-old husband after two years of marriage

Iris Jones, an 83-year-old retiree, recently revealed that she and her Egyptian husband, Mohamed Ibriham, have decided to end their marriage after being together for two years.

Their relationship began when Iris, a former cleaner, got in touch with Mohamed, 37 years old, on Facebook in the summer of 2019. They got married in November 2020, attracting worldwide attention due to their unconventional love story.

The couple’s journey took an unexpected turn when their differences began to overshadow their initial happiness. While they enjoyed a vibrant intimate life, Iris recounted that their disagreements started to take center stage, leading to incessant arguments on various topics.

Iris, not one to tolerate such disputes, asserted that she could no longer bear these constant fights, stating, “I’m not a lovesick teenager; I’m 83 years old.”

After their separation, Iris found comfort and companionship in a new feline friend. She welcomed a cat into her life shortly after Mohamed’s departure, praising the animal for its calm and pleasant nature.

Delighted with her new companion, she expressed her adoration, exclaiming, “He never complains, he’s very calm, and he’s beautiful. I love him! He’s very happy here and doesn’t create any mess.” With her new feline companion, Iris embraced this new chapter without regret for her ex-husband.

Iris’s openness in sharing details about their intimate life took the public by surprise.

The relationship of Iris and Mohamed attracted worldwide attention, with countless people fascinated by their unique bond. However, due to their age difference, the couple’s love story received mixed reactions.

Mohamed denied any ulterior motives, emphasizing that love transcends age and borders. Rejecting the judgment of others, he defended their relationship and urged critics to focus on their own lives.

Mohamed highlighted that his devotion to Iris went far beyond material gains, stating, “I don’t care about Iris’s wealth or where she wants to live. I just want to be with her. People think I’m with her for the wrong reasons. I’m willing to live with her anywhere in the world.”


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