A lady finds a kitten on the side of the road and adopts it: 8 weeks later, it’s the biggest mistake of her life!

The story is actually quite sad because a lady and her brother found two lifeless cats by the side of the road, and two other little defenseless ginger kittens were standing nearby alive. They decide to adopt them to save them but they will quickly regret it…

It was impossible not to fall in love and give them a warm and comforting home. With a magnificent red coat, these two perfectly harmless felines are of rare beauty.
During a check at the veterinarian, the woman who adopted them will quickly become disillusioned. What she thought she had adopted was actually something else entirely…

The brother and sister who thought they were doing a good deed by adopting these two kittens, apparently, were not necessarily one.

This young male nicknamed Tito by Florencia, the lady who adopted him, is clearly not a cat according to the veterinarian. The latter immediately communicated a telephone number to contact a nature reserve for wild felines.

Tito is actually a jaguarondi  who grows large and sturdy quickly and far exceeds the size of a domestic cat. 

Today, Tito the jagurandi is in good hands in a nature reserve where he can flourish, play in vast wild but supervised spaces. And besides, although Florencia had some remorse on the spot after learning that it was not a cat, she does not regret it and still thinks she has done her best “good deed”. because now Tito no longer risks being hit by a car and will be able to evolve in an environment similar to his with other companions. 

Written by Matt

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