A mother can’t understand why her son’s grave is green

A mother can't understand why her son's grave is green.

Honoring the memory of a loved one: An emotional story of grief and rebuilding. The separation from a loved one is a heart-wrenching experience that generates immense suffering. Whether the loss is gradual or sudden, the pain remains the same.


In such moments, we seek to pay tribute to the memory of a father, a son, a sister, or a wife whom we have cherished.

As Arsène Houssaye once said about departed loved ones: “It seems that their soul always tints precious memories, just as the setting sun still colors the clouds on the horizon.”

This quote illustrates the touching story of a mother who lost her son, but whose grave is of a surprising green color!

The moving story of this mother

A mother can't understand why her son's grave is green.

Raymond and Rachel Villasenor lost their son Joseph at the young age of 36. He was a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force and served his country for 16 years until 2010 when he tragically passed away in a car accident while on his way to a softball game, one of his passions.

One day, Joseph’s parents visited Garden Park Cemetery in Texas, where their son now rests. To their surprise, they found Joseph’s grave well-maintained, while other graves seemed to have been abandoned since the heatwave that hit the region in 2015. Joseph’s resting place was adorned with green and fresh grass.

In reality, an 86-year-old man named Jack Reissig tends to the grave of his wife, Liz, daily. He wants her to rest in peace in a beautiful place and has taken it upon himself to care for Joseph’s grave as well, ensuring it remains a lush and comforting spot for the grieving parents.

This heartwarming story shows the selfless act of a stranger, Jack Reissig, who honors the memory of his wife and extends that kindness to bring solace to the parents of Joseph as well. It serves as a touching example of how compassion and empathy can create a meaningful connection between people, even in times of grief.

A mother can't understand why her son's grave is green.

One day, while watering Liz’s grave, Jack hears a young woman crying nearby. He approaches her to offer comfort and learns that she is Joseph’s sister. She explains to the old man that her brother’s departure was too soon. Touched by her words, Jack decides to water both Liz’s and Joseph’s graves daily. As a result, their resting places become the most well-maintained in the cemetery.

Joseph’s parents express their heartfelt gratitude to Jack for the care he shows to their son’s resting place. The memories of Liz and Joseph are thus honored.

Indeed, losing a loved one is a trying time. In our grief, we usually seek to honor the memory of the deceased through actions that are meaningful to them.

As survivors, we go through a period of mourning.

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