A passenger films an employee taping the wing of a plane before takeoff

As the airplane was parked at the airport, a TikTok user recorded the repair from her window seat.

She explains: “This is exactly why I never fly with Spirit. I don’t care if it’s aviation tape.”

“I can’t believe they have to tape the plane and do it while the passengers are on board. The tape is going to become less sticky.”

According to Monroe Aerospace, aviation tape is made from aluminum and is used for simple and temporary repairs on airplanes, but it is sometimes confused with duct tape.

When properly placed by an aviation safety professional, this material can withstand winds up to 965 km/h and significant weather changes.

Since its publication, the video has been viewed millions of times and received thousands of comments. Although tape repairs are a common practice for airlines, many people couldn’t resist making fun of it.

One person commented: “That’s Gorilla tape! You’re safer now after the repair.”

Another user wrote: “He tapped it, so it’s good.”

Another commenter wrote: “That’s called aviation tape, used for minor repairs on planes. All airlines use it.”

Some people laughed when she said she would never fly with Spirit again while sitting on a Spirit plane.

A commentator said: “So, what are you doing on board then?”

Written by Matt

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