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A passenger of an airline shows her cleverness by wearing over 4.4 pounds of clothing to avoid fees

Gel Rodriguez, a resourceful young traveler, recently made headlines for her creative approach to avoiding extra baggage fees. When her carry-on exceeded the allowed weight limit of 15 lbs, Gel decided to come up with a unique solution. Her humorous message about the experience quickly went viral, highlighting her quick wit and sense of humor.

Gel Rodriguez / Facebook

Gel Rodriguez, a passenger from the Philippines, recently found herself in a difficult situation when her carry-on baggage exceeded the allowed weight limit. To avoid paying additional baggage fees, Gel took extreme measures by wearing over 4.4 lbs of her own clothing. This creative solution came about after an airline staff member at the check-in counter informed her that her suitcase weighed over 17 lbs and would incur weight fees. Gel’s ingenuity and determination to avoid extra fees showcase her smart problem-solving skills and willingness to go to great lengths to save on travel expenses.

Gel Rodriguez / Facebook

By layering multiple t-shirts, pants, and jackets, Gel was able to bring down her luggage weight from 17 lbs to 13 lbs. “I didn’t want to pay the excess baggage fee for just 4 lbs,” Gel explained in an interview. Although her clever solution to avoid paying extra baggage fees was successful, she admitted that it came with its own set of challenges. “It was really hot,” she said.

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