A professional refuses to pierce the ears of a 2-week-old baby

Talking about parenthood is always very complex because each individual, but especially each child, is different. All fathers and mothers make decisions regarding their child, thinking that they are the best possible decisions. Despite this, other parents feel free to give their opinions or advice.

In the story we are about to tell, it is a professional who intervened, at the expense of profit, by advising a father not to pierce his two-week-old son’s ear because he was still too young.

As a special request, to ensure that this request would not be blamed on her, she decided to record the conversation and post the video on her social media.

The client was the father who asked the piercer to pierce a hole in his son’s ear. However, due to the strict rules of the store, the woman had to refuse the request.

“The little boy’s father asked me if we could pierce his son’s ear. I immediately asked how old the child was, and was told two weeks. Unfortunately, according to our procedures, we could only do the piercing if the child was at least 8 years old. Because we first need to make sure he wants to do it, it’s a choice he will have to live with.”

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According to Adhum, although she told him several times that she couldn’t do the piercing, the man continued to insist, but eventually realized that the woman would not change her decision and he gave up. Many internet users praised her for not thinking about profit, but rather about the well-being of the child. “I can’t stand the idea of people piercing holes in their young children,” “people should understand that children are not fashion accessories,” “your response was very intelligent, parents don’t own their child’s body,” and “you did the right thing by refusing.”


Written by Matt

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