A woman who repeatedly placed her bare feet on another passenger’s armrest during a flight learns a valuable lesson.

A TikTok user named Ixamar recently shared a disturbing experience she had while flying, which involved a fellow passenger’s bare feet. In a video titled “Tell me your weirdest flight story,” Ixamar recounted the incident that may top everyone’s list of odd flight experiences.

The video begins with Ixamar sitting in her seat on the airplane, wearing a black facemask and looking visibly uncomfortable. The caption on the screen reads, “This lady’s feet were on my armrest, occasionally poking me, so I gave her a little ice present.”

As shown in the video, the passenger sitting in front of Ixamar had placed her bare feet on the armrest of the seat, with her toes sticking out. The passenger’s feet were close enough to Ixamar that they would occasionally poke her.

To deal with the situation, Ixamar decided to take matters into her own hands and handed the passenger an ice pack. It is not clear from the video how the other passenger reacted to the ice pack.

Overall, the video serves as a reminder that flying can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when dealing with inconsiderate fellow passengers.


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Written by Matt

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