After 50 days of intensive searching, Nicolas finally found his dog that had been stolen from him

In Paris, a dog named Bayou was stolen near Montmartre on February 21st. After 50 days of intensive searching, the animal was found and its owner was able to hold him in his arms.

Bayou has been found! Disappeared on February 21st, he was walking with his owner Nicolas Lequen in the Montmartre district of Paris when he vanished. Unfortunately, Nicolas was not able to get him to come back to him and lost track of him. According to Nicolas, Bayou was stolen.

“My dog usually came back very quickly when he heard my whistle. That’s what worried me that night, he didn’t come back,” he explained.



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Despite his dog’s disappearance, Nicolas never gave up and continued his search efforts for 50 days. He posted more than 2,000 missing posters throughout the city with the help of animal protection organizations like the animal protection brigade. Nicolas did everything in his power to find his dog, whom he considered a “family member”. In addition to his personal search efforts, he also filed a complaint with the police station.

The dog has been found.

In the end, the story has a happy ending because Bayou was found on Wednesday, April 12th, in the late afternoon. Thanks to a report posted on social media, someone identified the dog who was being held on a leash by an individual in the Sarcelles train station. The man was arrested by the police and if he is indeed the one who stole the dog, he faces up to three years in prison and a fine of up to 45,000 euros.


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