After an intense fight, a fisherman from the Rhone river managed to catch a 8 feet 7 inches long catfish.

A fisherman from the Rhone (France) river successfully caught a gigantic fish. It was a catch that the fisherman won’t soon forget.

On May 1st, Anthony Jeannon experienced a moment that every fisherman dreams of experiencing at least once in their life.

The young man, managed to catch a monstrous catfish measuring 8 feet 7 inches long in the Rhone river after an intense fight with the fish, which of course did not give up easily.

photo : @anthonyjeannon

A catch as rare as it is spectacular, considering that the known maximum size of a catfish is 110.2 inches. A record set by a specimen extracted from the Po River in Italy in 2021.

“A monstrous 8 feet 7 inches catfish pulled from the Rhône river. As he shared on social media, Anthony had to fight hard to extract the fish from the water, but it was worth it. “New record. An insane opening and a dream come true for me. The upstream migration of shads once again allowed me to lure this 8 feet monster, which didn’t give up until the end,” he wrote proudly on Instagram.”



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One thing is for sure, Anthony Jeannon will not soon forget May 1st. His memorable catch will go down in history.

And for those who doubted, the fisherman of course released the fish back into the water, in accordance with the “no-kill” technique.

As a reminder, this practice of no-kill, imported from the United States by American sport fishermen, consists of not killing the fish caught in order to release them back into the water alive.

photo : @anthonyjeannon

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