An 82-year-old engineer invents a machine that can transform air into drinkable water

Turning air into drinkable water? That’s now possible thanks to a machine developed by an 82-year-old engineer. Here’s how it works.

Enrique Veiga, aged 82, is a Spanish engineer with a creative mind.

Enrique Veiga. Crédit Photo : Jon Nazca / Reuters

Enrique Veiga has created a machine capable of transforming air into drinkable water, as reported by our colleagues at Huffpost. Through his invention, he hopes to help populations facing water shortages.

“The goal is to reach places like refugee camps that don’t have access to drinking water,” said Enrique Veiga.

He came up with the idea of designing such a machine in the 90s. At that time, the south of Spain was facing a major drought.

Machines already deployed in Namibia and Lebanon

Enrique Veiga produces his devices in his company Aquaer, located near Seville. Some of them have already made their way to Namibia and a Lebanese refugee camp.

As expected, these creations have sparked amazement within the communities: “In the villages we visited in Namibia, they were speechless, they didn’t understand, asking where the water came from,” said the engineer.

You may be wondering how these devices work. Aquaer machines have something in common with air conditioners: a condensation system.

Indeed, the air is cooled before being transformed into water. While this type of device already exists, Enrique Veiga’s prototypes are more efficient. They work with “temperatures up to 40°C and with humidity ranging from 10 to 15%,” according to the news site.

Crédit Photo : Capture d’écran vidéo YouTube

The largest machines can produce up to 5000 liters per day

Other important facts: a small machine that can be transported on a cart can produce around 50 to 75 liters of water per day. The largest one can provide up to 5000 liters per day.

“Our idea is not only to create an efficient device, but also to make it useful for people who have to walk for kilometers to fetch water or dig wells,” the businessman said.


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