An amateur photographer captures “An angel with wings” during an incredible sunset

A photography enthusiast has captured a stunning image of a sunset in the shape of an angel on his smartphone. Stuart Murray, 56, captured the incredible image while watching the sunset near his home in the coastal town of Portsoy in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Around 9:45 p.m., Murray took a few shots of the sun as it was skimming the water at just the right moment.

Although he is not religious, and a great believer, he noticed that the image resembled the silhouette of an angel with its “wings” spread out above the water.

He also revealed that he had always wanted to take a photo of the sunset during his walk on the beach, but had never been able to due to bad weather conditions.

Credit: Stuart Murray/SWNS

”As for the effect produced by the sun, I think that, in my very limited use of my smartphone camera, it has something to do with the calm and very clear conditions of that night.”

“I remember taking the photo, a couple of tourists passed by and I told them that I wasn’t a good photographer and that’s still the case,” he said.


Written by Matt

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