An employee at Starbucks bursts into tears: “8 hours of work is too much.”

Not everyone enjoys working, but some are luckier than others: they have managed to turn their passion into a profession or, at least, have found a job they love doing without boredom or reluctance. Of course, every profession has its advantages and disadvantages, but one thing they almost all have in common is the working hours. Part-time work refers to a duration of 4 hours or 20 hours per week, while full-time work, which is the most common, typically involves a 7 or 8-hour workday. However, for someone, it seems to be particularly burdensome: an employee of a well-known chain decided to complain in a video that later circulated on the web about the hours of work they were doing and ended up bursting into tears.

Sebastian Gorka DrG/Twitter

The young server in question works at Starbucks, and during one of his shifts, he became so discouraged that he filmed himself in a video that quickly went viral on the web. The reason? The employee expressed his frustration with the impoliteness of certain customers and certain work management issues. So far, nothing particularly unusual: these are problems that many people encounter in their jobs, although not everyone openly discusses them on social media.

But what really caused a sensation among users was the genuine reason that brought the young man to tears: according to him, who is still dedicated to his studies, working 25 hours per week and having 8-hour shifts on weekends is too difficult. However, it is unfortunate that a standard workday lasts exactly that long, a fact that internet users were quick to point out to him, along with unpleasant judgments and criticisms.

Sebastian Gorka DrG/Twitter

The reputation of young people in the working world is well known: most adults and employers consider them lazy, idle, and lacking motivation. Therefore, when a young employee exposes their vulnerability and publicly cries about something that is considered absolutely normal by everyone else, the reaction from the internet was somewhat predictable.

On Twitter, many accused the employee of being spoiled, but there were also those who rushed to their defense, arguing that some jobs can be truly unbearable. It’s likely a combination of factors that led the young person to tears, but the only aspect that was taken into account was, “How is it possible to be unable to endure eight hours of work?”

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