At the age of 13, she decided to leave school to become an influencer

“Technology has continued to progress. Electronic devices have greatly facilitated and changed daily life, and among the most widely used are smartphones. These devices now encompass our entire lives and allow people who are far apart to communicate with each other. All of this has led to the proliferation of social media and the figures associated with them, namely influencers, individuals who influence the choices of thousands of followers. The new generations have been born in the shadow of these new “idols,” to the point that they try to imitate them in everything and dream of someday resembling them.

This 13-year-old girl also decided to chase after fame. She quit school to become an influencer at any cost, and her mother chose to support her in this adventure.”


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Brianna Buchanan is a 13-year-old American girl who grew up with social media and, for this reason, has always dreamed of becoming an influencer. As soon as she reached adolescence, she already knew what her path would be, which is why she decided to drop out of school to pursue it. All of this was done under the complacent gaze of her mother, who was already dreaming of becoming her daughter’s manager.

The young girl quickly managed to gain a good number of followers, more than 60,000, and told her story of ascent on a television program: “66 Minutes”. She makes several videos a day, for each of which she spends at least an hour doing her makeup to look perfect on camera. All of this, of course, takes place under the watchful eye of her mother, delighted with her daughter’s public exposure.



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The choice of this mother and daughter has been severely criticized. Most users believe that the girl has lost her childhood because of this.

“I wouldn’t say that she has lost her adolescence, but rather that she is living a different youth than her peers. She is doing things that everyone dreams of doing in their life. This has always been her dream and I wouldn’t break it for anything in the world, I will defend her against criticism and always support her,” said her mother.

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