Can you find the 4th cat in this photo?

For the past few years, on Facebook and various social media platforms, we have witnessed the proliferation of riddles and visual challenges, much to the delight of internet users. Many are fascinated by these captivating images that test our mental abilities and stimulate our brains. More than just a playful pastime, the spirit of competition is very much alive. Everyone strives to solve the mystery faster than others.

Well, now is the time for you to surpass yourself and demonstrate how brilliant you are at taking on the most complex challenges. Here are two new viral challenges that are worth a look. May the best one win!

Can you spot the 4th cat in the image?

Here is the first visual puzzle that showcases several cats. At first glance, you can see three black cats sitting on the ground. However, there is indeed a 4th furry ball hidden somewhere in the image. You have precisely 25 seconds to try and detect its presence. Do you feel capable of doing it? We warn you right away: only 5% of internet users have solved this challenge on the first try. It’s up to you to concentrate and push the limits of your visual acuity to locate this little one.

Written by Matt

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