Champion female cyclist ends career after losing to biological male in women’s cycling event

“She came in 4th place, flanked on either side by male riders awarded 3rd and 5th places.”

In New York, there was a cycling race in which the renowned athlete Hannah Arendt participated. Among the athletes was a 47-year-old “Tiffany Thomas” – a biological man who claimed to be a woman. Cunning Thomas realized that he had no chance in men’s competitions as he couldn’t keep up with the competition, but he could beat women. The American sports federation could not object to this as they would be accused of discrimination, so they gave the green light.

Thomas modestly describes himself/herself as a “cyclist, scientist, laboratory director, photographer, fitness enthusiast, and a dog mom.” The meaning of the last one is only known to “Tiffany” himself/herself, but that’s how he/she describes himself/herself on social media. In general, “Tiffany” started pedaling on all women’s cycling races and has already won 20 victories. He didn’t always take first place, but consistently made it to the top three. Simply because he is stronger and more enduring than the women, who could only grit their teeth in frustration. In addition to him, a few more men have squeezed into women’s sports, and they too have started to outperform the girls.

I have decided to end my cycling career. In my last race, I finished fourth, surrounded by male cyclists who took third and fifth place. My sister and family were in tears watching a man cross the finish line before me. I sympathize with young girls who are learning to compete and growing up in a time where they have less of a chance to become new record holders and champions in cycling. I was deeply outraged, disappointed, ignored, and humiliated by the fact that the creators of women’s sports rules no longer deem it necessary to protect women’s sports and ensure fair competition for women. 


Written by Matt

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