Father of quintuplets sparks discussion about whether putting his children on a leash is okay

The chances of having multiple children at the same time are rather low. A family having multiple children at once is approximately every three out of 100 births. The chances of having quintuplets? Well, that’s a much greater probability. Families with five quintuplets and five babies are about one in 60 million.

Jordan Driskell is a young father of five children. As his same-aged children were transitioning from babies to toddlers, he realized how challenging parenting can be, especially with multiple children. On family outings, the Driskell family uses a 6-seater stroller to seat and move the quintuplets. After some time, the Driskells realized that the bulky stroller would not last very long as the children were becoming unsettled while all seated in the stroller. The stroller also added to the stress due to its inconvenience.


During an aquarium outing in August 2022, the father posted a video of the new way the family handles all their young children during family outings. Instead of using their 6-seater stroller, Driskell’s new method for managing his quintuplets during their adventures involved using a leash to control his rambunctious children during the outing.

Driskell posted a video, and internet users had a lot to say about the dad’s choice. The video showed Driskell walking around with his children: Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin, all attached to a leash. By posting on his Instagram page, the father was met with shame for his choice to use a leash. The viral Instagram video of Driskell and his five children has millions of views and many comments.

In an interview with Today Parents, Driskell shared that using the 6-seater stroller had become too cumbersome. “It was just too bulky and ridiculous to take anywhere,” the father of quintuplets shared. He shared that when he switched to using a leash, the children had more freedom to run around.

“The other thing is they want to walk when we go to a crowded place,” the dad said. “A leash gives them the ability to do so, but we still have control. They love it,” Driskell said.

The busy dad also admitted that using the leash gives more freedom to the entire family. “For our own peace of mind and mental health, we use a leash,” Driskell shared. “It also allows us to get out of the house and do fun things as a family without being stressed,” he added.

The father’s post said: “Come walk a mile in my shoes! #dadsofinstagram #fatherhood #DadSquad #moms #momsofinstagram #viralreels #motherhood #kids #Parents #parenting #parenthood #DriskellQuints”.

Internet users shared that they agreed with the family’s choice to switch from the stroller to the leash. Driskell’s popular post has nearly 7000 comments.

One Instagram user wrote: “There is nothing wrong with that. I think it’s great. I’ve always used a baby harness with reins on my 2 so they are always next to me ❤️ ? x”.

Another person said: “Better safe than sorry. If I had that many, I would do the same thing. Go for it!!!❤️” One user stated that Driskell’s choice to use a leash was actually very responsible parenting with so many children. “With 5 children, you need that responsible parenting right here,” they wrote.


Written by Matt

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