He is 103 years old, she is 100 years old, and they have just celebrated 82 years of marriage: they share their advice for a lasting romantic relationship

There are couples who prove that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams of love. Therefore, having the chance to live a lasting and happy relationship also means believing in it. The following story, although surprising, proves that we have the right to believe in “authentic” love. Discover the beautiful story of a couple who celebrated their 82nd wedding anniversary.

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The happy couple shared their best love advice as they celebrated their 82nd wedding anniversary. DW Williams is 103 years old, and his wife, Willie Williams, is 100 years old

A milestone anniversary

The man and woman from North Carolina, USA, celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary where they took the opportunity to share some of their tips for a lasting marriage.

The celebration was organized by their daughter and granddaughter at a local church, where according to the Daily Mail, 115 people attended. Willie stated that she didn’t have any big “secret” to reveal for a remarkable marriage. Among the many things that a couple can do to make the relationship last, she shared her personal advice on the subject.

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Be kind to each other

The couple believes that the key to a happy marriage is communication. “We don’t argue or fight. If we have a misunderstanding, we just talk about it,” they said. Willie also stated that it’s important to “be kind to each other.”

Observing his grandparents, BJ Williams understood that working as a team is crucial for a successful marriage. To him, the remarkable couple is a source of inspiration. “It’s about communicating, loving each other, and working together. They are each other’s best friend,” he said.

The lovebirds also emphasized the importance of enjoying simple things, such as playing crossword puzzles together or watching movies.

An love story that began during a difficult time.

In 1935, Willie and DW met and fell in love with each other. Two years later, they got married. However, they remember experiencing wars, going through a protest movement against racial segregation and discrimination, as well as the Great Depression in the United States.

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They said that despite these difficult times, they could still work and serve their community. “We weren’t affected much by it, because there were a lot of people willing to help, who didn’t let the color of our skin bother us,” they added.

As BJ, their granddaughter, spoke about them, she declared to see their marriage as an “inspiration”.


What is the special quality of married couples who last?

These are the 6 key principles of an ideal long-lasting married couple, as outlined by

  1. Trust in each other: Being honest with each other is essential to building trust and consolidating a relationship.
  2. Communication: Transparency and listening to each other is important to avoid misunderstandings and to foster an open, honest and fluid communication.
  3. Kindness: Each partner should be a safe and comforting place for the other, where imperfections, wounds or anxieties are accepted without judgment.
  4. Admiration: Couples who admire each other are not shy about giving sincere compliments. This helps to boost self-confidence and creates a positive atmosphere for both partners.
  5. Positive attitude: Adopting a positive attitude every day helps to promote long-term relationship fulfillment and enables couples to face life’s challenges together.
  6. Independence: It’s important to respect each other’s personal space and to take time for oneself. This principle serves as a reminder that each partner is a unique and valuable individual in their own right.