He thought he was saving an injured leopard, but discover what he found instead!

During a trip across West Yorkshire, England, 40-year-old Ben Lilly witnessed a strange scene that appeared to be an injured animal in the middle of the road. Having heard of wild animal sightings in the area, he turned back to help what he believed was a distressed leopard.

My heart was beating with excitement. I wondered if it was a big cat. It would be an incredible discovery,” Ben Lilly revealed.

… but it turned out to be a leopard-print pajama abandoned on the road.

The man shared his experience on Facebook, where many users admitted that his confusion was understandable, as the arrangement of the clothes and the type of fabric really gave the impression of an injured or dead animal. The presence of a tail also added to the resemblance.

Ben Lilly found the situation so amusing that he decided to take a photo of the supposed leopard and share his experience with the “wildcat” on social media. Although this story turned out to be a false alarm, it highlights the importance of caution and awareness when it comes to helping potentially dangerous wild animals.

Written by Matt

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