Here’s why deceased loved ones come to see you in your dreams

Dive into the mystical world of dreams and discover the answers to your deepest questions. Since the beginning of time, dreams have intrigued, fascinated, and raised questions. They are actually a collection of sequences, images, memories, and feelings that occur unconsciously during our paradoxical sleep.

Continuing to explore their dreams, people seek to discover more about themselves and their inner lives. Sometimes, we may even dream about loved ones who have passed away. So what does it mean to dream about our deceased loved ones? Let’s find out together.

In ancient Egypt, individuals with lucid dreams were considered wise, and interpretations of their dreams were recorded on papyrus. The civilization believed that divinities communicated revelations to them through their dreams.

Occult phenomena.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, psychoanalysts rejected these “supernatural” ideas to argue that dreams provide insight into the internal functioning of the mind. In his book “The Interpretation of Dreams,” Sigmund Freud developed a theory of dream analysis in which the unconscious can produce images that reflect our deepest selves.

Although reasoning may be Cartesian, there is one point on which everyone can agree: science does not yet have all the answers. And even if it does, is it really wise to try to explain things that exceed our rational understanding? Sometimes open-mindedness means going beyond the rational to discover what goes beyond our understanding.

Seeing a deceased person in a dream

In a dream, seeing a deceased person can be unsettling and destabilizing. However, it can also be a comforting moment, because even if that person is no longer physical, our mind can still see them in our dreams. When we lose a loved one, grief and longing remain present, but memories and love never fade.

It is difficult to understand what such a dream means, but for some, it may be a way for the unconscious mind to grieve this person by giving them a last encounter in dreams. Some people also believe that it can be a message from beyond, an attempt by the deceased person to contact us through our dreams.

Ultimately, the interpretation of such a dream depends on each person and their own belief. Whatever the reason, this kind of dream can offer us some comfort and help us mourn the person we have lost.

Dreams of deceased individuals can reveal our subconscious and inner state. They can be peaceful or unsettling, but can convey important messages to us. Peaceful dreams can bring us comfort, while unsettling ones may serve as a warning or a spiritual awakening. It’s important not to fear them and to seek to understand their meaning. Interpretations of these dreams depend on each individual and their personal introspection.

Written by Matt

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