Horrible news for people who shave their private parts!

Get some hair!

If you are used to shave private parts regularly, this should interest you.

According to a study in the Sexually Transmitted Infections Journal , there is a link between the increase in sexually transmitted diseases and the fact of regularly shaving pubic hair.

Would be considered as “extreme shavers” (the most exposed), all people who shave more than eleven times a year…

(I don’t know what you think of it, but it seems very little to me).

The study was carried out among 7850 Americans (18-65 years old) and it appears that those who completely shave their private parts have an 80% greater chance of catching an STI. It is also hypothesized that micro-tears caused by shaving tend to favor the development of infections.

Regarding the methods, women more often use manual razors while men prefer electric razors.

Written by Matt

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