How many girls are there in this picture?

Source: Daily Mail

Puzzles, observation tests, memory exercises, or optical illusions are all fun games that allow you to exercise your neurons while having fun. Like the body, the brain also needs exercise to stay fit and alert. So here is an interesting test that will allow you to measure your observation skills by guessing the number of girls in the picture.

Brain training games have been found by one study to be a very interesting way to improve cognitive function. 

Without further ado, we bring you a game that was posted on Instagram by a Swiss photographer named Tiziana Vergari, as relayed in  Fox 8. The photographer uploaded a photo, as part of a hashtag “#WHPidentity” project, which aims to submit images that value individuality. But at the end of this publication, a question arose in order to know the number of young girls appearing in the photo and which generated more than 15,000 “likes” on Instagram.

How many girls are there in this picture?

This is an optical illusion, making it difficult to guess the number of young girls in the photo, but not entirely impossible. According to the  National Eye Institute, upon seeing visual stimuli, the eyes focus light on the retina, convert the light into electrical impulses, and send them to the brain. The latter translates them into an image of color and light. In the case of this image,  the pattern can trick the brain into inducing misinterpretation. Which can encourage you to see something different. 

Source: Daily Mail

So how many girls are there sitting in front of the mirror? Of them? Three? Four ? or Thirteen?

The comments to find the answer to this optical illusion have been numerous. Some thought they were twins or triplets. Others have suggested that they are four. And you? Did you find the correct answer?


Tiziana Vergari’s answer is that it’s 2 girls in the photo.

If you found the answer easily then congratulations!



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