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I caught a 300 lbs crocodile pike, a gigantic aquatic creature from another era!

Recently, a Texan fisherman named Payton Moore achieved a remarkable feat by catching an impressively-sized fish. A fishing enthusiast, Payton practices “no limit,” a technique that involves catching large specimens before releasing them back into the water. At 32 years old, this intrepid fisherman is always looking for new challenges and dreams of catching the biggest freshwater fish ever hooked.

That’s how he managed to catch an alligator gar, also known as a crocodile pike, weighing almost 300 pounds and measuring 7.97 feet long. This monumental catch was captured on video by Payton, who shared it with his subscribers on his YouTube channel. Although the weight and size of this fish potentially make it the biggest ever caught in the state of Texas, Payton did not seek to have this record officially recognized by weighing it on a certified scale in front of witnesses, so as not to endanger the life of the fish.

Indeed, as a “no kill” fisherman, Payton knows that this method can cause excessive stress and even death to the fish, which goes against his ethics. That’s why he quickly released the crocodile pike back into the water. This gesture was praised by renowned local ecologist Dr. Solomon David, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

To achieve this exceptional catch, Payton had to be patient and tenacious. He had to exhaust the crocodile pike by making it swim in circles to bring it to the surface. He describes the sensation of his catch as akin to holding onto the tail of a moving car.

In summary, Payton Moore’s capture of the crocodile pike is a remarkable achievement that reflects his passion for fishing, while also respecting the values of ethics and environmental preservation that he advocates as a “no kill” fisherman.

Written by Matt

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