“I have been abducted 60 times by aliens and I can prove that they exist.”

One of humanity’s constant questions is whether there is life in the universe. These questions have not only prompted research, but have also ignited the imaginations of people who have written books and made films about extraterrestrials. People often observe the night sky in an attempt to spot an anomaly in the darkness: shadows with strange shapes or particular lights.

But apparently, the question “are we alone in the universe?” now has an answer, as this man claims to have been abducted sixty times by extraterrestrials and to have proof of their existence.

Russ Kellett, 58, has been claiming the existence of extraterrestrials for years and has provided video footage to prove it. One night, while in his garden, he saw red lights on Filey Bay beach in the UK. For this reason, he wanted to conduct a thorough investigation.

“One night, I went to take out the garbage when suddenly I noticed a giant red orb of light being chased by two fighter jets. The orb suddenly disappeared behind a cloud. I went back inside, grabbed my camera, and decided to go back outside to investigate, keeping my eyes fixed on the sky as I walked towards the coast. I spotted the fighter jets again and realized they were heading towards what looked like six lights floating in the darkness. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

The man believes that extraterrestrials have several hidden bases around the world and one of them must be near Filey Bay, as many sightings have been made there. That night, he claims to have seen one of their spacecraft.

When he returned home after the sighting, his mother was visibly worried. She asked him what had happened, and the woman replied that she feared something had happened to him because he had been gone for a long time. Russ, on the other hand, thought he had only been out of the house for an hour at most, but apparently much more time had passed.

“I thought I had been out for a very short time. In retrospect, I could very well have been kidnapped that night, being so close to what was happening. I don’t remember if I was caught, and I have the impression that there was lost time that night, but I suppose I will never know. It wouldn’t be the first time, since I’ve been abducted about sixty times, the first being when I was 16 years old, when I was riding my motorcycle home. I went through a tunnel that I had never seen before and found myself in a kind of dental cabinet, with extraterrestrial men four and a half meters tall surrounding me.”

Since that first abduction, he says he has faced multiple alien races in battles on earth and in space, explaining that four hours here can be equivalent to four years in the spaceship.

What do you think of this event, do you believe that extraterrestrials really exist?

Written by Matt

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