“I left my partner when I found out he had cancer: it was the best thing to do for both of us”

Danielle Epstein/Justgiving

A life partner is the person with whom we would like to share every moment of our existence, the beautiful and happy moments, but also the less beautiful but profound ones. They are the ones who, more than anything else, can unite two people: being next to each other in moments of great difficulty and feeling that the other is there, holding our hand and will never, ever leave us alone, can only strengthen love. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and there are couples who are unable to overcome the greatest obstacles.

The two people at the center of this story know this well, especially she who, incredulous in the face of what was happening to them, did not have the strength to continue.

Danielle Epstein/Justgiving

Danielle Epstein and Jelle Fresen met on a dating site and there was an immediate spark between them that made them fall in love. The woman had just broken up with her ex-boyfriend when she crossed paths with Jelle. The harmony and affection between the two were immediate and, for a while, they lived in the same house, planning their future and dreaming of a life together.

But soon after, something changed. One evening, they went out to dinner to celebrate Jelle’s 37th birthday and had a little too much to drink, so the next morning, the man felt exhausted and dizzy, but they didn’t pay too much attention to the situation. Unfortunately, the situation only got worse until they realized that something was really wrong.

After various tests and analyses, it turned out that the young man was suffering from brain cancer, which explained the fatigue and dizziness. “At first, they talked about a benign mass. We were both convinced that our future plans could still be realized, but after the first treatment, we realized that everything was worse than we had imagined. I felt lost, our future was gone in a few seconds, and there was no way to get it back,” Danielle recounts.

The decision to separate seemed like the most natural one. The couple parted ways, but Danielle wouldn’t have left her partner for anything in the world, and despite the decision to no longer be in love, the two remained in touch. “We’re not together anymore, but I’ll always be by his side on this difficult path,” the young woman confides. And that’s what happened.

She kept her promise and even organized fundraisers to support Jelle’s medical expenses. She stayed with him and never failed to support him. “At first, I felt like a bad person, but I knew it was the right solution and he agreed.”

The love between two people can be unique and immense, but we must admit that some obstacles are truly difficult to overcome, and we cannot fault those who choose one path over another. In this case, Danielle couldn’t take the blow and couldn’t stand by Jelle as a girlfriend, but she could as a friend. Ultimately, what matters is having the right people by our side, who love us in whatever way and help us, and this man will always have one. Do you agree?

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Written by Matt

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