If you have this line on the palm of your hand, you are very lucky.

line on the palm of your hand

Do you know palmistry, the art of studying hand lines? This millenary practice was already known in ancient India, Persia, or Babylon, among others.

Those who believe in it think that this observation can provide clues about our future and guide us in our decisions.

Among the lines on the hand, there is said to be one in particular, the guardian angel line, which is a sign of luck and success.

A few rare people are said to have this line, just next to the lifeline on the left hand, which can also lead to its other name, the “double lifeline”.

It is a sign of the presence of an angel or spiritual guide, often a deceased loved one, who helps us, encourages us and never leaves us alone.

The guardian angel line is located just above the lifeline, which represents vitality, energy, and prosperity. The deeper the lines, the more powerful the markers.

If you have this guardian angel line, you may have already noticed that, despite obstacles, you never lose hope and overcome all obstacles, thanks to the positive energy that surrounds you.

Written by Matt

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