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If you remember this, you’re probably not 20 anymore!

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If you feel old today, don’t look at the photos that follow. But if you want to dive into a nostalgic journey and reminisce about your childhood or teenage years, go for it!

1. This type of dining room kit…

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This kitchen sink

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The look and sound of this cash register

When you needed two keys to use a car

Long before Spotify…

If a person automatically comes to mind when you think of this smell

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 If you washed your hands like this at school

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The Flavor of Pink Aspirins

The solution to almost all problems

 When There Was This In The Cars

Who remembers what it was used for?

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Super modern radios in cars

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That smell…


Another Car Souvenir

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Your grandparents remember it

Hemera Technologies

Before microwave popcorn

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It was on the record player

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The pain of stepping on it!

We know what hides under the skirt

Hearing mom in the kitchen

Robert George Young

Vending machines of yesteryear

School Memory

 All the kids asked for it at the convenience store


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