Life after death is impossible, according to a scientist

After carefully examining the rules of physics, cosmologist and physics professor Sean Carroll, from the California Institute of Technology, believes he has solved the question of life after death.

According to Dr. Carroll, everything happens within the realm of possibility, and the laws of physics that govern daily life are well understood. Thus, consciousness would have to be completely separate from our physical bodies for there to be life after death, but this is not the case.

According to Dr. Carroll, at its most fundamental level, consciousness is actually a collection of atoms and electrons that essentially make up our minds. These particles cannot continue to function after our physical demise due to the rules of the universe.

“Some argue that some form of consciousness persists after our bodies die and decay into their constituent atoms, but this is an extraordinary and unfounded claim,” he said. “The information stored in our brains cannot be destroyed, but it also cannot be returned intact to the universe in the face of our deaths.”

It’s worth noting that the concept of “spiritual particles” or “spiritual forces” is not a scientifically recognized term or concept in the field of physics or any other scientific field. The term “spiritual” typically refers to religious or philosophical beliefs and is not part of scientific discourse.

Furthermore, while the QFT is a well-established theory in physics, it is not necessarily the final answer to the question of consciousness and the afterlife. The nature of consciousness and the possibility of an afterlife are still topics of debate and speculation among scientists and philosophers.

According to an article by Dr. Carroll in Scientific American, “the soul cannot escape death if everything that exists is made up of known atoms and forces. The existence of life after death requires a physics that goes beyond the standard model.”

“When we overcome all hesitation to accept the truth on this subject, we can turn to much more intriguing concerns, namely, how the consciousness of human beings actually works.”

Written by Matt

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