Most Unique Couples In The World

A unusual couples but they live the perfect love

Studies have shown that people are more likely to choose life partners who have greater similarities with them. Such as white people are more likely to marry whites, blacks to blacks, browns to browns, rich to rich, and so on.

Susan Njogu Eling is originally from Australia and secretly dreamed of finding true love!

One day she signed up for training to become a Disabled Social Worker, after which she applied for a job at the workplace of Mr. Eling, a wealthy Australian with a disability who reached of muscular dystrophy.

 She was very quickly charmed and soon enough was invited to dinner and did waste no time in making her the proposal she had always been waiting for. The young woman on her side had fallen in love very quickly with Mr. Eling.

Is she a manipulative woman?

They got engaged and married a few months after they first met in Adelaide. The two lovers very quickly got along despite their difference, on the other hand, the photos of their wedding have aroused very mixed reactions.

Although the nature of their love was truthful and sincere, young Susan was found to be malicious and greedy in marrying Mr. Eling. According to public opinion, she only married him to extract money from him, which was obviously untrue.


This affected her a lot since only she really knew the sincerity of her love for Mr. Eling. Today, the happy wife takes care of her husband and he also takes care of her as any man would.

He is delighted to have a woman by his side who loves him for who he is and not for what he has. And he is perfectly aware of it, regardless of what people say.

By marrying a handicapped person, she will not only have found love. But also taught the whole world that it does not stop at the physical.

To Look like Ken and Barbie at all cost

Quentin Dahar is a young Frenchman, who lives in a relationship with his darling Anastasia Reskoss, a young woman of Russian origin.

Both have a common goal: to look like Ken and Barbie at all costs. From the age of 18, Quentin plunged into the endless cycle of plastic surgery, starting with rhinoplasty.

Since then, he chained injections everywhere, until his face changed completely. And as he went through the knife, he looked more and more like Ken.

When he met Anastasia at a party, she too had already undergone several operations.

Every since they met, the fake Barbies and Ken haven’t left each other! They say they were meant to be together.

And speaking of prices, Ken spends thousands and thousands of dollars every year to get as close to Ken as possible. And since Anastasia is his wife, well… he takes care of financing her operations as well! Between cosmetics, anti-aging treatments, self-tanning, extensions, whitening…

Together despite the big age difference

Kyle Jones is a young thirtysomething, happy, and stable in his life! But concerning his love life, the young man sees things differently, he prefers to be original and to couple with women older than him…let’s say…a good sixty years (only)!

His latest conquest is called Marjorie McCool, a great-grandmother over 90 years old, whom he met in a bookstore… well, of course, a nightclub would have surprised me a lot!

Kyle could easily be her grandson and yet he sees her as the woman of his life…the woman she could end her life with! She is the mother of 6 children, the youngest of whom is 50, about the age of Kyle’s mother.

The two lovebirds live in the state of Georgia, they can’t help but hold hands in public, they live their relationship in broad daylight without any complex.

Kyle Jones says he is attracted by the effects that time leaves on his conquests, such as wrinkles, gray hair and flabby skin, and a small important detail: he prefers them natural without having gone through plastic surgery.

He also likes their maturity, their independence, but also their open-mindedness! However, Kyles remains realistic and admits that the prospect of a long relationship is very limited.

The African Kardashian

Eudoxie Yao is an Ivorian, who works as a model. She is well known for being one of the women with the widest hips in Africa.

She is nicknamed the African Kardashian, has her own blog, she frequently participates in television shows and hosts many events. But that’s not what counts the most for Eudoxie, because the young woman especially wants to be known for her tastes in men!

And for once, she chose to share her life, a rather special man. The chosen one of his heart is none other than the rapper Grand P! And according to the media, it’s the “great” love between them! But as you can see, Grand P has a rare genetic disease, which makes him look like a kid!

The most amazing thing is when you see them both side by side, the model is twice as tall and several times wider than her companion.

This does not bother her at all, on the contrary, she very often appears with him, they gladly pose for journalists and frequently publish photos of them. But if this unusual couple seems to live “harmoniously” despite appearances, the reactions of Internet users are sometimes hurtful.

Couple with the most modified bodies in the world

Victor Hugo and his wife Gabriela Peralta live in Argentina. Both share a common passion – body modifications.

Their adventure began in 2009, when Victor started implanting stars in his forehead, and when his wife Gabriela followed him. Since then, the couple has been doing body modifications without any limits.
Between both of them, they have 50 tattoos all over the body, even down to the cornea of ​​the eyes, and around twenty implants, to bring the total to 94 body modifications. Spreaders, piercings, forked tongues… nothing stops them.

Moreover, they hold the world record for the greatest number of body modifications. The problem is that when you don’t know them personally, it is difficult to differentiate Victor from Gabriela.

Another hassle, is very often when they go out, they are very scary to those they meet. And sometimes they even get insulted!

One of the most unusual couples in the world!

This frail American man is the happy (or not) companion of this lady. The two make an exceptional couple. Wishing to show the world that their love is not limited to the external aspect, the man published on the internet photos of him accompanied by his wife.


He is small, puny, has dark skin, and reaches the buttocks of his wife who is taller, stronger, who has white skin, and who can carry him with just one leg!

The two are very different, one could even say that they are nothing alike! But their positions clearly convey the message that despite their differences, they are united and very much in love!

I hope they are, because if it were to be the opposite, I can already tell you who would have authority over the other!

A strange and unusual couple

Anton Kraft is a 56-year-old body builder of Danish origin, and China Bell a busty 47-year-old woman. Both spin the perfect love…well, except for one detail! Being totally different, Anton and China want to prove to the whole world that love has no limits or borders.

In snaps posted online, Antaon and China strut on the beach, down the street, or pose in their home, proudly showing they love each other despite their differences.

He has white skin, she has black skin, he is a dwarf, she is 1.90m tall, he is heterosexual, she is transgender… They are nothing alike and yet they love each other infinitely and get along wonderfully, just look at the pictures!

Photos that have panicked the web and which have aroused many reactions, sometimes racist and nasty.

But it takes much more to destabilize our two lovebirds who today spin an idyllic love, without paying attention to the gaze of others! Which only makes them stronger every time! After all, don’t we say that opposites attract?

Written by Matt

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