Mother of 10 children from 5 different fathers lives on benefits, does not want to work, and teaches her children to follow the same path.

Financial support from the government for families with two or more dependent children, subject to conditions set by legislation, has become a controversial topic. Some people see it as a monetary benefit without the need to work, while others legitimately benefit from it. Let’s explore the story of a British mother of 10 who openly admits to taking advantage of these benefits without wanting to make any effort to reintegrate into the workforce.

Mandy Cowie, a 49-year-old British single mother, has not worked since the age of 17 and for the past 30 years has been receiving government benefits to support her 10 children, whom she had with 5 different fathers.

Mandy fully admits to not wanting to work and receiving her benefits “almost” improperly, and teaches her children to follow her example without admitting any wrongdoing. She is already a grandmother, and one of her daughters has already followed in her footsteps.

Mandy has spent a lot of money on tattoos, excessive alcohol, and cigarettes, and she doesn’t hide it from her children or on social media where she constantly displays herself. She is considered an unworthy mother who shows little of the little exemplarity required for her role. “So what if I’m unemployed? Move on if you don’t like it. I had my first child at 18 and my last at 36, and I told them I wanted 50 grandchildren before I die,” she declared with a hint of cynicism.

Indignation and controversy.

People who have discovered her story, her way of life, and raising her children, believe that her attitude is intolerable and think that government benefits should only be given to those who really need them and who are trying to reintegrate professionally and socially to some extent.

Some even go further by stating that it is one thing to receive assistance from the government when a family truly needs it, but it is totally different when a person openly and knowingly takes advantage of the system. In short, it is unacceptable for someone in this day and age to want to live and find it useful not to work solely through benefits and by involving and setting this kind of example for their children.

“I probably wouldn’t have a job that pays as much as government benefits. People can judge me, but if they were offered it, who wouldn’t take advantage?” Mandy added.

Written by Matt

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