Netflix fans issue a warning after watching this heartbreaking film

Netflix fans have been “heartbroken” after watching a film about a dog that is so gut-wrenching that it’s “hard to watch.” Movies featuring cute dogs can be difficult to watch as viewers spend most of the film hoping that the dog survives.

Released for the first time in 2009, Hatchi tells the story of a college professor, played by Richard Gere, who finds a stray puppy and temporarily brings him home. The new friends form an unbreakable bond, with Hatchi accompanying his new master wherever he goes.

Based on a true story

The movie is based on the true story of Hachiko, an Akita breed dog who lived in Japan in the 1920s. After his owner’s death, the faithful dog waited for him at a Tokyo train station every day for over nine years, hoping he would return.

Hachiko passed away in 1935, but left a lasting legacy and became a symbol of loyalty in Japan and worldwide. His story of unwavering devotion has inspired many books and movies for over 80 years.

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A heartbreaking film

Although well-received upon its release, nearly tripling its budget, Hatchi has found a new audience 13 years later after its release on Netflix, and viewers have inevitably been heartbroken by what they saw. While some have described it as “the greatest dog movie of all time,” many fans have been “traumatized” by this heartbreaking drama.

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Viewers react

“Hatchi is definitely the best dog movie ever made, but I couldn’t stop crying. Hatchi is not just a movie about dogs, it’s an emotional journey,” commented one person.

“The loyalty of dogs is unmatched. A must-see film,” said another viewer.

“This movie is so sad. I have been traumatized,” wrote another viewer.

“If anyone wants to have a good cry, watch Hatchi on Netflix. I sobbed through the entire movie,” another user affirmed.

“I just cried for about 12 minutes, it was hard to watch,” said another commentator.


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