Pringles: “Cancer in a tube”? Why Pringles chips should be banned from your diet.

Who hasn’t eaten Pringles chips? This cardboard tube adorned with a friendly mustached logo is very popular for its original flavors of chips. They have been sold in the United States since the 1960s, an impressive longevity for a snack that is not known to be very healthy!

Indeed, chips are known to be too greasy and too salty. Furthermore, Pringles regularly make headlines. Their detractors criticize them for not being made of slices of potatoes, as one might think. Instead, they are made of mashed potatoes that are mixed with corn, rice, and potato flour (in addition to oil, preservatives, etc.).

“This dough is then spread onto molds to take on the playful shape that we all know. Unfortunately, acrylamide is also found in Pringles. While few people are familiar with this chemical substance, it is widely used in the paper industry. It has recently been discovered that it forms when foods rich in carbohydrates are heated. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, this substance is carcinogenic and toxic.

Therefore, should we be worried about its presence? Yes, especially when it comes to children, who are more sensitive than adults. Despite this, it is very difficult to read all the labels of the foods we consume. Awareness of the dangers of this substance is increasing over the years, and measures are being taken to restrict its use in the food industry.

In the meantime, many scientists advise to be wary of the “cancer in a tube”.

Written by Matt

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