She buys a house next to a road and complains about the noise: she receives a flood of criticism on the web

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Changing houses is often a real adventure, full of unforeseen events and unknowns. Even if we pay close attention to every detail, there is always something that eludes us. In the case of the English woman we are going to talk about, what was overlooked, or at least underestimated, was a 4-lane road, 2 lanes in each direction, next to the house she bought with her husband.

Once settled there, a real nightmare of noise, vibrations and inadequate safety began for both of them. The woman then made her situation known, asking local authorities to install protective barriers for her garden and speed cameras to slow down passing vehicles. That’s when the debate began, even leading to severe criticism from people who ridiculed her for not noticing such an important problem earlier.

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However, the local council rejected their requests, stating that the road was already in compliance with safety standards and that the couple should have been aware of the road’s proximity and noise levels before purchasing the property. This decision led to a backlash online, with many people criticizing the couple for not doing their due diligence before buying the house. Some even accused them of trying to pass on the responsibility to the council and taxpayers. Despite the criticism, Jackie McCormack and her husband remain determined to find a solution to their noise problem.

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Many people who commented on the situation criticized the couple, stating that they should have known what they were getting into when buying a house in that location. They questioned how the noise pollution could not have been evident before the purchase. Jackie and her husband have received a lot of backlash, with some even calling them foolish for not considering the road’s proximity to their home.

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Jackie’s response was not long in coming. “I knew it was a busy road, I would be stupid if I thought it wouldn’t make noise, but we never imagined it would be to this extent. I will fight tooth and nail to solve this problem. I cannot move from here because no one would buy the house.”

It’s a rather thorny and still open question. On the one hand, the noise and vibrations of this house could have been foreseen, but on the other hand, one wonders how it was possible to build and sell a house in this location without considering the daily discomforts of its residents.

What do you think? Is this woman right to ask the authorities to intervene?


Written by Matt

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