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She is suing her parents for not asking for her permission to be born before her birth.

Recently, a woman made headlines for filing a lawsuit against her parents for bringing her into the world.

The woman, who goes by the name @CalliFanciulla on Twitter, claims that her parents never sought her consent before conceiving her, thereby violating her rights.

In her video, she explains her reasons for deciding to take legal action:

“My parents contributed to my conception, and my mother gave birth to me, and that’s why I have sued them – because I did not consent to being here. I didn’t know I would have to grow up and find a job to support myself, and I simply did not consent. They didn’t try to contact me before my birth to see if I really wanted to be here. That’s why I have sued them.”

She explains that she has children of her own, but she adopted them, making them children from an ethical source.

She goes on to advise currently pregnant individuals to hire a medium to communicate with their unborn child and obtain their consent before birth, otherwise they might also face legal action… Well, that’s quite an extreme stance!

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