She named her daughter after a famous cartoon: “I wanted her to have a unique name.”

Choosing a name for a child is almost never a simple matter. Some people have had an idea of what it could be since forever, while others spend hours and hours discussing it. Whether you belong to the first or second group doesn’t matter; what’s certain is that the choice of the name for the future boy or girl belongs entirely to the parents. That’s why it’s not a big deal if the parents and friends don’t like the final result.

Perhaps that’s what the woman in this story thought, who, with her partner, opted for a clearly unusual name for their second child. Let’s discover it together.


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When expecting a child and perhaps not having a preferred name to give them, one thinks of a close relative or a famous person. But some manage to be even more original, like the mother at the center of this story. Indy Clinton, 25 years old, from Sydney, Australia, made waves on the web with her choice of name for her unborn baby.

Becoming a mother for the second time, the woman had initially thought of Paloma, but when she saw the baby, she had no choice but to change it. That’s how mother Indy chose the name Bambi for the little one. Most of us will remember the gentle and cuddly fawn in one of Disney’s most famous films, and it’s this adorable little animal that won in the race to choose a name.


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The woman and her partner already have a 2-year-old child named Navy, who particularly loves the animated character, which helped the parents in their choice for her little sister. However, this originality was not appreciated by their surroundings, neither by family members nor by the many users who heard about the case and severely criticized it, but this did not bother this mother.

“When I gave birth, I was convinced that Bambi was the most original name anyone had ever used,” the woman said. “Unique names are the new trend, and it would have been much worse to choose one from the 1900s. Besides, I don’t care what people think,” she continues. “Now everything is criticized, and I just gave them something to talk about.”

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