She returns from vacation and discovers that her suitcase contains… 18 scorpions!

On her way back from vacation in Croatia, an Austrian woman discovered that 18 scorpions had taken refuge in her suitcase.

Tierhilfe Gusental

This summer, a woman from Austria decided to go on vacation in Croatia. Upon her return on July 23rd, she had a rather disconcerting surprise: when she opened her suitcase, she noticed that 18 scorpions had made their way inside.

The scorpions found in her luggage consisted of a female and her 17 offspring. It was an unusual souvenir that the tourist would have rather done without. To solve this problem, the woman sought the help of the local animal rescue service, Tierhilfe Gusental. Animal experts came to her home and retrieved the scorpions, placing them in a shelter before sending them back to Croatia.

According to the experts, the woman’s action was a very commendable one.

“With such heat, the scorpions could have easily multiplied while they were not in their country of origin,” stated a member of Tierhilfe Gusental.

The tourist was fortunate because it is estimated that out of the approximately 1,500 existing species of scorpions, 40 to 50 of them are deadly to humans. This is not the first time a tourist returned home with unwelcome guests in their luggage. Indeed, several travelers from Austria have come back from Croatia with scorpions in their suitcases.


Written by Matt

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