The biggest cat in the world is so huge that people mistake it for a dog

It is always comforting to have a pet at home, and often people opt for a feline friend because they don’t take up much space. However, in Russia, a woman loves her cat, but it takes up a bit more space than an ordinary cat.

Yulia Minina, who resides in the small town of Stary Oskol, Russia, got her beautiful cat Kefir almost two years ago when he was just a kitten. The Maine coon, named after the dairy product because of his white and silky fur, is often mistaken for a dog due to his incredible size.

He weighs 27.55 lbs and is likely to become even heavier, as Maine coons tend to grow until the age of three or four. ‘I couldn’t even imagine that an ordinary kitten could become so big,’ said Yulia.

And he hasn’t just grown in appearance. He is also very intelligent and always behaves calmly. He is a very affectionate and modest cat. When friends and acquaintances come to the house, all the attention is on him and he willingly allows himself to be petted.

“But when guests come to the house, everyone confuses him with a dog,” says Yulia.

“And he has another habit: at night, he likes to climb on me and sleep. When he was a kitten, it didn’t bother me. But now he’s big and heavy and it’s hard to sleep like that.”

It seems that at one year and 10 months old, Kefir will continue to disrupt Yulia’s sleep for years to come. Photos of Yulia carrying her big baby show just how massive he is, almost overshadowing his owner. Some people are unsure if Kefir is really as big as he looks in the photos, but Yulia insists, “I’m not using Photoshop.”

Written by Matt

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