These 5 predictions of the Baba Vanga do not make you optimistic for 2023…

There are still a few months left in 2022, but we are starting to look towards 2023. Many hope that life will be much smoother.

But we believe the predictions that the well-known Baba Vanga (the one who had, it is said, predicted September 11), there is no reason for optimism for the next year…

The blind woman – known as ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’ – died 26 years ago, aged 84, but her predictions survived her.

It is claimed that she saw that the world was heading towards the troubling year 2023, with a huge space storm, a “solar tsunami”. In addition to a nuclear disaster.

The problem is that there are no written records of the woman’s words. Her pilgrims simply listened to his words of seeming wisdom.

That hasn’t stopped many prophecies from circulating and recirculating – many of which are vague and open to interpretation.

She is believed to have made predictions, many of which are attributed to her, but which simply come from the ether of the internet created by trolls.

Vanga’s supporters stick to the prophecies attributed to her – and often claim without proof that she correctly predicted the 9/11 attacks, the rise of ISIS, and the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk.

So with a very big pinch of salt in mind – here are some of the prophecies attributed to him for 2023.

1. Earth’s orbit will change

One of Baba Vanga’s most widely attributed prophecies of 2023 is that somehow the Earth’s orbit will change.

It’s unclear what that means – but if it did, it could have devastating consequences.

Our planet remains in a delicate balance in the cosmic dance and the slightest change could potentially massively modify the climate.

Getting a little closer to the sun would bathe the world in radiation and massively increase temperatures.

Glaciers would melt, sea levels would rise and there would be global chaos.

And if we got away from it, it could plunge the world into an ice age and increase the hours of darkness – causing chaos for nature.

2. A solar tsunami

Another vague prediction often attributed to Vanga speaks of a solar storm on a scale never seen before.

Solar storms are bursts of energy from the sun that send electrical charges, magnetic fields, and radiation toward Earth.

They can be as powerful as billions of nuclear bombs.

Space weather is often just seen as a pretty phenomenon in the sky, like the Northern Lights.

However, the most powerful solar storms and flares are expected to damage the technology, potentially leading to massive power outages and communication failures.

Some particularly catastrophic warnings have described such events as sending humanity back to the “Dark Ages”.

3. Biological weapons

Baba Vanga is also said to have prophesied that a “great country” would conduct bioweapons research on people.

She allegedly claimed that hundreds of thousands of people could die as a result of these twisted experiments.

The United Nations Biological Weapons Convention effectively prohibits such experiments and prohibits the stockpiling of dangerous viruses and bacteria.

However, some countries like Russia might not follow the guidelines…

4. The explosion of a nuclear power plant

In another – potentially more realistic – prediction, Baba would have warned of an impending explosion at a nuclear power plant.

Many believe that she predicted the Chornobyl disaster.

But this prophecy could be more worrying, as there are genuine fears of disaster in Ukraine.

Russia occupies Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) as war rages around.

UN inspectors have now visited the site – but fears persist as Kyiv accuses Moscow of ‘nuclear blackmail.

One wrong move in the facility could trigger a disaster that could spread across Europe.

5. The end of births

The last claim attributed to Vanga was that in 2023 births could be banned and all people would be cultured in a laboratory.

Leaders will decide what type of people to be born and can customize their traits and appearance.

Everyone will end up as a character from “The Sims” game…

It’s certainly one of Baba’s wildest predictions – and it’s fueling fears among some about slowing birth rates.

The average birth rate was 36.9 per 1,000 inhabitants from 1950 to 1955, while it is only 18.5 today.

And some forecasts predict that this rate could drop to 14.6 by 2050.


Written by Eva

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