This 1943 beach photo ‘proves time travel exists’ as a man is spotted with a phone.

A 1943 beach photo ‘proves time travel exists,’ according to internet users. It shows hundreds of Britons lounging on the beach after World War II. Among the many bathers, one of them appears to come from another era.

In September 1943, families were lounging on a beach in Cornwall when an “imposter” appeared. A man standing in a brown suit appeared to be looking at a phone, far from the 1940s. Social media users had a lot to say about the photo.

James Jarche

A smartphone at the beach in the 1940s?

He was dubbed the ‘time traveler texting’ because the image appears to show him using a smartphone. Others dismissed the claims as ‘crazy’ and said he was simply rolling a cigarette. Some social media users said the photo of Towan Beach in Newquay ‘proves time travel exists’.

Social media users had a lot to say about the photo. ‘Is it just me or is this guy looking at his phone… in the 1940s?’ wrote one person. ‘This just shows how beach attire has changed! Jacket, tie, hat? I remember that in the 50s,’ said another commenter.

“Well spotted. It’s clear that the man in the photo is a time-traveling tourist looking at his mobile device,” another internet user asserted.

“Finally! This is proof that time travel exists,” commented another user.

But the theory was refuted by a user who said, “I think that man is rolling a cigarette!”

James Jarche


Time travel: a subject that fascinates internet users

Other historical photos have piqued the curiosity of time travel enthusiasts in recent weeks. Some observers have claimed that a 1938 photograph proves the existence of time travel.

A young woman is holding something close to her ear as she walks towards the camera. Conspiracy theorists claim that the woman was filmed using a smartphone decades before its invention.

The woman, dressed in 1930s fashion, lowers her hand from her ear, revealing a dark object resembling a modern mobile phone. A YouTuber claimed that the woman in the photo was his great-grandmother and that she was using a smartphone, deepening the mystery.


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