This man says that he is so handsome that women throw themselves at him

A model claims that although he receives several messages from women every week due to his exceptional appearance, he prefers to spend time with his dog.

He compares himself to a young Leonardo DiCaprio and claims that at the age of 22, women frequently approach him to try to seduce him.

“I still receive an avalanche of messages from women asking me out,” he says.

However, Marco claims that he doesn’t have time to date anyone, which disappoints all those hoping for an intimate relationship with him.

“I know that I am incredibly handsome, but I simply don’t have time for women,” said the entrepreneur.

“I think my smile and the fact that I have curly hair and blue eyes are certainly my biggest features. And of course, my massive build. I weigh 97 kg, I am mostly muscle, and I am 1.90m tall. Women prefer taller men like me.”

Giuseppe, Marco’s four-year-old Goldendoodle, is the being he prefers to spend time with, despite receiving many offers from women.

Marco is a successful businessman who owns his own clothing brand in addition to his modeling career. While trading stocks, he invests in real estate and leads a respectable life.

He doesn’t expect things to calm down anytime soon, especially with a reality TV show and a contract with Netflix in the works.

“I always knew I would be in the spotlight in one way or another,” he remarks. “When I was young, I was certain that I would make a difference and bring happiness to everyone.”

The model is mostly focused on his work, so romance takes a backseat. However, he is aware of the type of woman he will look for in the future.

“I would prefer a family-oriented woman, but she must also be an organized woman,” said Marco. “She must have gone to school, have a degree or a nice career, which is essential. She must bring something to the relationship. I prefer blondes to brunettes in terms of appearance.”

Written by Matt

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