This woman allows her husband to sleep with other girls while she does housework and says their marriage is “perfect”

Monica Huldt says she allows her husband to sleep with other women while she cleans the house because she lives to please him.

Self-proclaimed tradwife Monica Huldt, 37, claims she is willing to let her husband John sleep with other women because she loves him so much.

Monica Huldt says she allows her husband to sleep with other women while she cleans the house because she lives to please him.

The term “tradwife” refers to women who choose to lead a traditional life at home, where they spend their days taking care of their family, cleaning, and submitting to their husband. The movement is gaining popularity as more and more women decide to embrace the traditional role of a homemaker.

Since John works and leads a bachelor lifestyle, Monica ensures she takes care of her husband full-time and also handles all the household chores.

“I live to please my husband, John,” the woman said in an interview. “At home, he sets the rules. I also appreciate him choosing my clothes because I want to look beautiful for him. We have been together for six years, and our marriage is perfect as it is.”

“Sleeping with other women is a minor aspect of our relationship,” says John. “Monica and I are in agreement. Because of the way my genes have been programmed, I have this privilege that most men would probably like to have.”

John continues: “Other mammals function the same way. Typically, the dominant male appropriates all the females. This has made our relationship much more relaxed.”

Monica isn’t worried, though. She knows that John loves her and claims that sex is just a game for men.

The tradwife admits that she’s lost friends because of her decision to let John have affairs with other women. However, Monica and John insist that their lifestyle has strengthened their relationship.

She says, “Some of my childhood friends have told me that I’ve lost my dignity as a woman. I’m not a helpless little girl, let’s be clear. John is assertive, which I appreciate in a man, that’s all.”

Monica Huldt acknowledges her desire to be with a man like John, admitting, “I’ve always had a submissive side for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always been attracted to authoritative and dominant men.”

Even when she’s cleaning, the tradwife makes sure to primp for her husband. Although many people have had doubts about their relationship, the couple has insisted that this is how they will always live.

“I understand that others may think our relationship is toxic. But in my opinion, it’s a very different scenario when you’re with someone you really love. When he comes home, he takes very good care of me, so I know deep down that he loves me.”


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